This is an auxiliary activity that we offer to our customers, however it is a very important labour. We took care of all the logistic its spare parts and shipments in all the stages of the same: storage, transport, customs and delivery/collection.

We have a warehouse with 1000 m2 in our center of Algeciras. We have customs deposit to store its parcels in status “T1”, as much to the delivery as to the collection on board and later shipment of spare parts.
Authorized by the customs authorities like indirect representative for all the more common customs managements: export, import and transit.
We have agents in the main airports of the country, with advantageous commercial conditions, which supposes a great saving for your shipments.

We have  own transports as well as average necessary aids like cranes car transported to embark/ disembark  spare parts in/from the boats.
It can unite all shipments in our logistic center to an economic price, with the tranquillity of which only one company will take part in all the administrative and logistic managements.